The Twelve (Emotionally Intelligent) Days of Christmas!

Billy gives us some good advice for leveraging our emotional intelligence this Christmas!  Based on the EQ-i 2.0 model, take your pick from these words of wisdom…

1) Self-awareness: Christmas can be an emotional rollercoaster – take time to tune in to all of the emotions that you are feeling and what is triggering them.

2) Self-regard: Look back at the year that’s been and remind yourself of all that you’ve achieved.

3) Self-actualisation: Instead of New Year resolutions, set yourself goals for 2018. Pick a small number of goals that energise and stretch you.

4) Emotional Self-expression: Allow yourself to cry at the end of “Willy Wonka” or “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

5) Interpersonal Relationships: Make time for those key relationships both at work and in your personal life. Choose one or two for special attention.

6) Empathy: Spend more time listening – make a point each day of giving someone your undivided attention.

7) Social Responsibility: Perform a small unseen act of kindness each day over Christmas.

8) Reality Testing: When trying to juggle multiple tasks and competing deadlines over Christmas, take time to step back and use a reality check to ensure you’re making the best decisions about what’s most important

9) Impulse Control: Don’t open all of your Christmas Presents on Christmas morning – keep a few to open on January 6th (test your willpower!)

10) Stress Tolerance: Yes, Christmas has it’s own stresses. Practice mindfulness each morning to set you up for the day.

11) Flexibility: Have a day with no plan and just enjoy the feeling of spontaneity. Surprise yourself.

12) Optimism: Pick one big challenge that lies ahead in 2018 and proactively choose to look at it instead as being an opportunity. Changing the way you view this will change the outcomes you can expect to get.