Four Essential Skills for Intrapreneurs

What is an intrapreneur?

It isn’t a spelling mistake. Intrapreneurship is the idea of being an entrepreneur within an organisation. An intrapreneur uses their creativity, adaptability, and vision to drive success and continually grow and renew their business.

To become successful or learn new skills, often it requires trial and error. You cannot learn to ride a bike without attempting and failing. While falling off your bike can be painful, the ability to get back up, learn from what went wrong, and try again will be the key to mastering the skill. This is often the same in organisational settings.

Change is inevitable, and our world and organisations are constantly faced with uncertainty and unpredictability. Being a good intrapreneur involves strong ability to plan and create strategy, combined with flexibility and resiliency when things do not go to plan. It is about failing fast and learning from experience and setbacks, remaining driven and hopeful, and keeping stakeholders and team members on board.


Essential Skills of an Intrapreneur


  1. Managing Oneself

It is important for an intrapreneur to be adaptable, and able to be motivated by stress. A good intrapreneur should be comfortable with uncertainty and risk, and enjoy working in new or unfamiliar areas.

  1. Building Relationships

Team building skills and the ability to manage others are crucial. Being considerate of others and open to hearing what they have to say will be useful in working towards a common goal.

  1. Creating Strategy

Intrapreneurs need to be able to develop clear strategic plans and follow through with them. They develop a vision for the future and share this vision with others. It is also important to be organisationally savvy and know how to navigate an organisation to secure buy-in from stakeholders.

  1. Leveraging Mindset

A successful intrapreneur has an optimistic view and can see a hopeful future despite setbacks. They are creative, innovative, and enjoy imagining new ways to solve old problems. They also require motivation and drive to stay focused on achieving their goals.


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