Change Navigator

Change Navigator takes participants on a journey through the stages of transition that are common to periods of change and helps people to understand and navigate them. It focuses on the emotions of individuals as they navigate change and the predictable stages of transition.

The assessment measures where individuals will fall in the four stages of transition for a specific change event:

  • Acknowledging
  • Reacting
  • Investigating
  • Implementing

A unique exercise in change exploration designed for organizations that are undergoing a specific change event. Change Navigator is approximately a two-hour experience that can be conducted in any training program or change initiative in the change curve.

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Change Navigator should be deployed to anyone who:

  • Is affected by organizational change
  • Will have an impact on the successful implementation of a change initiative

Change Navigator is especially applicable for organizations who meet the following criteria:

  • Have planned a change event and are concerned about successful implementation due to potential cultural conflicts or lack of adoption
  • Are currently undergoing a large scale change initiative and are worried about the progress being made due to organizational adoption

Our Certification

Certification includes:

  • A Combined certification that includes the Change Style Indicator (CSI)
  • Online self-paced learning
  • Your own assessment, report and confidential feedback session with an experienced coach
  • Qualification to administer, interpret, and provide feedback on the CSI and Change Navigator
  • Your own portal (on MHS [test publishers] website) making you totally autonomous re managing all your assessments, reports, etc.
  • Ongoing post-certification support, including materials to help facilitate a session on the change styles


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