Paper Planes, Inc.

Paper Planes, Inc. is a simulation that focuses on teamwork, collaboration, organisational effectiveness, breaking down silos, engagement, and customer service. This award-winning change management simulation allows groups of employees to learn the value of redesigning how they work, internalise those insights and bring them back to their jobs while also providing insights on how an organisation or team can prepare for changes within their organisations.

PaperPlanes, Inc.

During the simulation, participants play the roles of employees in an aircraft manufacturing company — assembler, inspector, tester and so forth. Teams have an opportunity to sell as many planes as they can make that meet specific visual and performance quality standards defined by the customer and also have the opportunity to redesign the process.


  • Gain first hand understanding of how engagement and collaboration can improve key organisational outcomes, including cost, quality, customer experience and employee satisfaction.
  • Learn how to work together across functional boundaries and help individuals “own” their work, becoming more invested in team and organisational success.
  • Break down barriers to organisational success and team-based change while reinforcing the power of teamwork and communication.


Get certified and give yourself a unique competitive advantage!

What does certification include?

  • An online curriculum that enables you to do your entire certification from the comfort of your home or office
  • Facilitator guide, slide presentation, and other resources that enable you to run your own workshop
  • A free online account where you can use the product with your clients

We offer ongoing support post-certification and take great pride in partnering with you and helping you remain confident and creative as you work with the DLI suite of tools.

Our accreditation programme can be completed remotely in three easy steps:

  1. Contact us to register
  2. Complete your online learning modules in your own time
  3. Participate in a webinar with one of our certified master trainers, focused on building the skills you need to use your DLI tool with confidence.


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