Certificate in Psychometric Testing

Why Use Psychometrics?

  • Psychometrics give us a common language and a framework for understanding qualities such as aptitudes, personality, values and motivators.
  • Psychometric assessments allow us to understand the individual differences which influence job performance, satisfaction, motivation, engagement and career fulfilment.
  • They are a tool for us to objectively measure these otherwise often hidden characteristics.
  • They help facilitate powerful discussions and effective selection decisions.
  • Psychometric test training enables career guidance and HR professionals to help support personal and professional development and enables hiring managers to help make fair and objective selection decisions.
  • The measurement of aptitude and personality for selection has an unparalleled capacity to predict who is most likely to succeed in your organisation.
Psychometric testing - Using technology to understand psychology - Kinch Lyons
Image of a psychometric assessment in action - Kinch Lyons

Why Become Certified?

Psychometric tools to be used effectively, fairly and legally. It is therefore necessary that test users undergo psychometric test training to develop an in-depth understanding of some key concepts in psychology.

Kinch Lyons, in association with our psychometric partner Podium365, offer both Level 1 and Level 2 British Psychological Society accredited testing. As soon as you have completed the programme, you will be recognised internationally as having the BPS stamp of approval to do the following:

  • Understand the fundamentals of ability, aptitude, personality and other individual constructs and be competent to measure them through the selection of appropriate assessments
  • Administer assessments, interpret results and feedback results
  • Purchase a wide range of assessments from responsible test publishers, including from the entire Podium library of assessments.

Why Kinch Lyons / Podium?

KinchLyons partners exclusively with Podium to offer world class training, built on a winning combination of psychology and technology.  Accordingly, all Podium assessments have been developed to meet rigorous scientific standards.

Enrolling on the KinchLyons / Podium psychometric test training program offers a range of benefits over other training providers. These include:

  • Ease of Learning – Both our Level 1 and Level 2 courses are delivered via our fun and engaging e-learning Podium365 platform
  • Complete when you can – Our online formats allow you to complete training from the comfort of your own home.
  • Gold Standard – All our courses are accredited by the British Psychological Society and the European Federation of Psychologists Associations. Therefore, upon successful completion you will be eligible for enrolment on the Register of Qualification in Test Use.
Image of a psychometric assessment in action - Kinch Lyons

Podium Access Course (PAC)

Our online psychometric test training course, the Podium Access Course (also know as the BPS Assistant Test User certification in psychometrics) is the first stage towards becoming more familiar with the ethical and competent use of psychometric tests.  Benefits include:

  • Engaging e-learning modules taught entirely online through our state-of-the-art Podium365 platform
  • Understand and competently administer ability, aptitude and personality assessments for pre-employment or development purposes.
  • Quick accreditation/certificate in psychometric testing upon completion (no portfolios or and just 1 submission at Module 5)
  • Extremely price competitive

Upon successful completion of this course you will:

  1. Be certified to purchase and administer Podium tests to participants
  2. Be capable of staying within ethical and legal boundaries with respect to test administration
  3. Understand test results and how to feed back assessments
  4. Be certified in psychometric testing at BPS Level 1 (Assistant test User) 

This course costs just €220 if completed as a stand-alone program or may be purchased as part of a package  which includes Level 2 TUA & TUP for just €830. Click here for further details on PAC course structure and duration.

Click here to purchase this first-class certification programme.

Note: Certification at Level 1 is a re-requisite for enrollment on the Level 2 course.


Test User Ability and Test User Personality Course   (TUA and TUP)

The TUA and TUP online psychometric test training course (formally known as the BPS Level A and Level B courses in psychometric testing) will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the principles underlying personality and ability testing and enable you to make the right choices about which employee assessment tests to use and when. Benefits include:

  • Delivered via the Podium365 state-of-the-art e-learning platform.  Tutor lead classroom style training and blended learning options also available.
  • Dedicated hands-on support from the experts
  • Extremely price competitive

Upon successful completion of this course you will:

  1. Be certified to choose, purchase, interpret and feed back psychometric test results to participants
  2. Be certified to purchase psychometric assessments from other credible test publishers
  3. Have an in-depth understanding of the best practice in psychometric test construction and use
  4. Be certified in psychometric testing at BPS Level 2 Test User Qualification 

We are delighted to be able to offer this certification programme at just €750 for both TUA and TUP, or €830 if puchased as part of a package include Level 1 Assistant Test User (this is a pre-requisite). Click here for further details on course structure and duration

Or, click here to purchase the psychometrics certification course.




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Once you have completed the Level 1 PAC course, you will have access to our entire suite of Podium assessments, which include:

      1. GCAT: Our suite of ability assessments, measuring Verbal, Numerical and Abstract reasoning. GCAT also measures general mental ability which has been consistently shown to be the single best predictor of job performance
      2. Acumen: Our critical reasoning assessment isdesigned to analyse diverse sets of information and draw logical, defensible and justifiable conclusions
      3. Perspectives: A broad-range occupational personality inventory based on modern neuroscientific and psychometric models of personality
      4. Derailers: A measure of a person’s least flattering personality characteristics - the ones that emerge under pressure. Commonly referred to as ‘the dark side'
      5. Horizons: A career-interest profile based on one of the most widely accepted models of career themes today: the Holland model
      6. Pulse: Measures eight scales related to personal and work adjustment, and potential determinants of adjustment specific to remote working
      7. Future Selves: Draws from a wide variety of psychological approaches to provide personalised and job-relevant information around one's life goals

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