Psychometric Test Training

We are excited to be able to advance knowledge, understanding and competence in psychometrics globally with our innovative, best-in-class online training courses in psychometric testing. Our courses are designed and produced by Chartered Business Psychologists – experts in psychometric testing at work.

We partner exclusively with Podium Smart Recruitment Solutions to offer world-class training, built on a winningcombination of psychology and technnology.

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Podium's assessments are based on academically researched models with published results. The assessments have been developed by Podium with advice from Dr. Nigel Guenole at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Perspectives is a broad range pesonality profile assessment based on modern psychometric models.

Derailers is dark-side peronsalityprofile, a measure of a person’s least flattering personality characteristics which emerge when they are under pressure, commonly referred to as ‘the dark side.’

Future Selves is primarily based on the concept of “possible selves” – images, thoughts, feelings, and senses a person has about themselves in the future.



GCAT measures General Mental Ability using abstract reasoning, numerical reasoning, and verbal reasoning ability assessments.

Acumen is a critical reasoning assessment that of differs to traditional tests by presenting information in a range of contemporary interactive formats including text messages, blogs, bubble charts, and project apps. With high face validity, Acumen keeps the test-taker fully engaged throughout the assessment process.

Insights Situaltional Judgement Tests present scenarios based on real world workplace occurrences. Participants are presented with action options which they would choose or rate as most appropriate or effective in the presented situation. Results are thus related to the good judgement and good decision making capabilities of the test taker. When the scenarios presented are chosen for their relevance to the client or user organisation they become an effective behavioural assessment and can be highly effective in evaluating relevant leadership competencies.


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