The Sales Aptitude Profile™ (Sales AP™)

Sales professionals have the unique power of positively impacting the top-line growth of a business. This makes hiring and training the best sales talent with the right skill set the key to a thriving organisation.

The Sales Aptitude Profile™ (Sales AP™) enables users to identify critical skills in candidates, as well as gaps and development opportunities for current employees in sales roles.

The 8 sales-specific competencies have been validated and demonstrated to support sales performance.

Employee turnover in sales can be a significant drain on your resources due to reduced revenue generation and decreased trust from customers. The Sales AP™ is designed to help you hire, develop and engage high-performing sales talent, so you can make your sales “Dream Team” a reality.

ONLINE (self-paced)

Our Certification

Get certified and give yourself a unique competitive advantage!

What does certification include?

  • An online curriculum that enables you to do your entire certification from the comfort of your home or office
  • The ability to take the assessment yourself and discuss results with an experienced coach
  • Facilitator guide, slide presentation, and other resources that enable you to use this tool
  • Access to the Sales AP
  • A free online account where you can use the product with your clients

We offer ongoing support post-certification and take great pride in partnering with you and helping you remain confident and creative as you work with the Sales AP.

Our accreditation programme can be completed remotely in three easy steps:

  1. Contact us to register
  2. Complete your online learning modules and assessment in your own time
  3. Participate in a coaching call with one of our certified master trainers, focused on building the skills you need to use the tool with confidence.


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