Hardiness Resilience Gauge event

To get the New Year off to a great start, we’re running a complimentary event on a new tool we’re very excited about!

Stress, burnout, and lack of employee commitment are just a few examples of the challenges faced by organisations today. Learning how to foster resilience in leaders and employees is more important than ever.

Hardiness Resilience Gauge™ (HRG) is a new and exciting tool.  It can be used to address these challenges and encourage the development of hardy employees, leaders, and organisations.

If you’re interested in improving your own resilience, join us for a group session. We will take you through what the Hardiness Resilience Gauge™ can tell you about yourself. This includes how flexible you are, how in control you are, and how passionate and committed you are!

The event will be held in IMI, Sandyford, Dublin 16 on 24th January, 9:30am-12:30pm.

We’re welcoming HR  & L&D professionals who want to learn more about the tool. This is along with business owners who want to understand the benefits to their organisation, and managers who want to develop their professional career. We also encourage the attendance of executive coaches who want to add a new lens to their interactions and more.

Our Event Will Help You To:

  • Understand what hardiness is and why it is important for building resilient employees and organisations
  • Learn strategies leaders can use to encourage resilience in their teams
  • Understand how the Hardiness Resilience Gauge assessment can help you and your organisation’s people develop their hardiness
  • Explore how hardiness can align with your existing development framework, which improves resiliency and adaptability within an organisation


More details, sample report and full brochure are all available here. To register your interest, email us at info@kinchlyons.com!