Learning Together while Staying Apart

One of the biggest unexpected successes of 2020 for us was the Dirty Salad Club.

We started this in March 2020, when Ireland and most of the world was dealing with a lockdown and working from home for the first time. We wanted to create a space for us to get together and get vulnerable. We aimed to learn together and expand our networks, while physically staying apart.

Members are coaches, trainers, psychologists, and HR/L&D professionals who get together and share insights on a variety of topics.

We asked our members about their experience of the club, and received lots of positive feedback. They have enjoyed “being able to connect with like-minded people”, and noted that “everyone is so supportive and there is tremendous respect and camaraderie.” We were glad to see that they’ve “picked up a lot of new insights and been exposed to new areas of interest outside my own area of interest.”

We’ve visualised the themes from their feedback below:

What’s in store for 2021? As one DSC member, put it, “I have found all topics covered to date, interesting, varied and very thought-provoking, so I would like to see more of the same.”

While the year was challenging and filled with uncertainty, it showed us the value of coming together in whatever way we can.

If this sounds interesting to you, join our group on LinkedIn, where you can find recordings and slides from previous sessions, and be notified about upcoming events each month!

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