Nine Truths About Work

Buckingham & Goodall’s new book, “Nine Lies About Work” debunk some very common misconceptions about work.

We have identified the Nine KinchLyons Truths about work, and more importantly, we share leadership tips for what to do about the lies.


Lie #1: People care which company they work for.

Truth #1: People care about which team they are on.

Tip #1: Intentionally create high performing teams.


Lie #2: The Best Plan Wins.

Truth #2: The best intelligence wins, so don’t get caught up in ‘the isolation of the CEO’ trap.

Tip #2: Develop as a ‘leader as coach’: Ask questions, be curious and listen.


Lie #3: The best companies cascade goals.

Truth #3: The best companies cascade meaning.

Tip #3: Consistently share the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ to create an emotional link to the job to be done.


Lie #4: The best people are well-rounded.

Truth #4: The best people make their strengths the most of their job.

Tip #4: Notice when you have a sense of being in the flow during the day.


Lie #5: People need feedback.

Truth #5: People need attention.

Tip #5: Practice Habit 5 from Stephen Covey, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”.


Lie #6: People can reliably rate other people.

Truth #6: We are all littered with unconscious bias and inaccurate perceptions.

Tip #6: List descriptors of what good look likes for others (or what you want to be different) as it is more useful then rating them. A rating only captures people’s reactions to you.


Lie #7: People have potential

Truth #7: People are on different career trajectories so potential is not a static thing.

Tip #7: Assess where people are on their career trajectories and how they would notice when they are picking up momentum.


Lie #8: Work-life balance matters most.

Truth #8: Being able to bring a sense of yourself in work matters most.

Tip #8: Assess whether your values align with those of the team you work with.


Lie #9: Leadership is a thing.

Truth #9: Leadership is just a bunch of talk.

Tip #9: The action is in the interaction, with no followers you are not leading you have just gone out for a walk!