Our coaching network – The Dirty Salad Club

What is the Dirty Salad Club?

We wanted to create a space for coaches, trainers, psychologists, and HR/L&D professionals to get together and get vulnerable. We wanted to support others, share insights, and have a place we can learn from each other.

On 25th March, we had our first ‘Dirty Salad Club’ meeting via video call.  With COVID-19 causing lockdowns in many countries at the time, we found ourselves in very uncertain, unpredictable, and challenging times. In some ways, there was no better time to ensure we were supporting each other and staying connected, virtually.

What are some of the insights shared?

We have been using our business expertise to understand how best to perform in the situation we find ourselves in, i.e., working at home, dealing with change and uncertainty, and supporting our clients through this challenging time.

Here is an idea into some of the topics we’ve covered so far:

  • Virtual teams and how to manage them
  • How Emotional Intelligence can help with remote working
  • What kind of coaching questions are useful to ask our clients or team
  • Which psychometric assessments are best for helping people to respond
  • How to regain a sense of control
  • How to develop resilience
  • Creating an entrepreneurial spirit and look for new opportunities
  • How to communicate more consciously
  • Thinking big, and acting small (taking specific, measurable steps towards our purpose)
  • How to be more agile
  • Understanding the importance of our language more

What are people saying about it?

We’ve been delighted to receive such positive feedback and so many returning members each week.


One Dirty Salad Clubber contacted us to say that he truly appreciates that we are making the learning and expertise available for free. “You are all so kind-hearted to do this, and your expertise shines through on each Zoom.  You are an amazing team.” He also said that he has been “dialing in and out of different Zoom calls, but yours are the best attended. You show the technology @ it’s best.”

One said that it was a highlight of her week, and another said that “As well as finding the content very useful it was also great to see Zoom in action in a training environment!”


Stephen McDonnell, who guest-hosted the session on 13th May, said that he was privileged to get an invitation to host this well-respected event. We were delighted to have him share his insights into language and neurochemical triggering!

Of course, many people have other commitments and some are finding life to be more hectic now, juggling various demands all at once. One Dirty Salad Clubber mentioned that “sending out the recording afterward is great and I always catch the session later.”

If you’re interested in joining us for a 45-minute session on Wednesday mornings, you can view upcoming events and register for them here – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/kinchlyons-29245995879

Or, join our LinkedIn group – https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13620637/