Exploring the MSCEIT - an objective test of Emotional Intelligence

Billy Byrne hosts this webinar to talk you through the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT™). This test involves answering objective questions and solving problems to assess Emotional Intelligence.

What is Coaching?

What is executive coaching, and is it right for you? Our executive coaches help individuals and teams unlock their potential and achieve goals through coaching.

Paper Planes Inc. - A Business Simulation

Paper Planes, Inc. is a simulation that focuses on teamwork, collaboration, organisational effectiveness, breaking down silos, engagement, and customer service.

Rallying for Resilience - Developing Hardy Teams

In this webinar, Tanya Hudson highlights how you can build and develop teams that are better able to adapt to stress and adversity, are less likely to suffer from burnout, and are more resilient to change.

Billy Byrne with Steve Stein on Influence

Billy talks with Dr. Steven Stein about the role of emotional intelligence in influencing for leaders.

Power of Positive Psychology

Using examples and anecdotes we can all relate to, Alan introduces Positive Psychology, the scientific study of human strengths!

EI Leadership In A Digital World

Tanya in conversation with Dr. Steven Stein about emotional intelligence and leadership in a digital world.

Calm Under Pressure: Sexton's EQ Edge

Irish out-half Johnny Sexton's super display of emotional intelligence in 6 Nations 2018!

EI for Professional Development

Alan gives us an engaging and witty introduction to how emotional intelligence skills are vital for professional development.

Leveraging the EQ-i 2 0 to develop leadership capability!

Sponsored by MHS, Billy delivers an insightful webinar on leveraging the EQ-i 2.0 to develop leadership capability.

Emotional Intelligence In A Post-Truth World

Billy and Dr. Steven Stein talk about emotional intelligence in a post-truth world.

Using Coaching to Navigate Change

In association with the ICF, Tanya delivers an engaging webinar ‘Using Coaching to Navigate the Only Constant: Change’.

How Has Leadership Evolved In The Past 100 Years

Tanya asks Dr. Steven Stein about how leadership has evolved over time.

Pearman Personality Integrator and Neuroscience

Alan talks with Dr. Roger Pearman about the role research in neuroscience and behaviour has played in development of the Pearman Personality Integrator.

Pearman Personality Integrator Highlights

Alan in conversation with Dr. Roger Pearman on the differences between the Pearman Personality Integrator and other personality assessments.

Impressive Features of the Pearman Personality Integrator

Alan asks Dr. Roger Pearman what would most impress eminent personality type psychologist Carl Jung about the Pearman Personality Integrator

In conversation with acclaimed psychologist Dr. Steven Stein (author of The EQ Edge).

Alan talks to Dr. Steven Stein about the role of emotional intelligence in an organisational setting.

Instilling Positive Emotion

Acclaimed business psychologist Alan Lyons uses engaging stories to give an account of optimism, resilience and how our own emotions can affect those of others.

Inside High Performing Teams

Alan presents a webinar on high-performing teams as part of at Morgan McKinley Success Series.

Dr. Steven Stein, author of The EQ Edge and The EQ Leader

Dr. Stein on the increasing importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Dr. Steven Stein, author of The EQ Edge and The EQ Leader

Dr. Stein on what to do when your manager's emotional intelligence scores are low.

The Solution Turbine

Alan describes The Solution Turbine, a model that allows a positive approach to change by using positive psychology.