Why Invest in Coaching?

This week (29th of April to the 3rd of May 2019) we celebrate International Coaching week!

What is coaching?

Coaching has many definitions. At KinchLyons, our coaching philosophy is that client and coach work together in a trusted partnership, where the coach’s primary role is to facilitate the client’s thinking. The process is designed to have a continuous, positive influence on the client’s self-awareness, motivation, performance.

Why invest in coaching?

Investing in improving yourself is the only sure-fire investment you can make.

We collaborate with our clients, on 1:1 or team bases, to stretch them and unlock their potential.  We emphasise empowerment and continuity, by encouraging clients to take ownership of their own development and providing them with the tools to continue to do so throughout their careers.

Have a look at our coaching brochure for more information.


What can be developed through coaching?