Fitter, Happier, More Productive

National Workplace Wellbeing Day

April 12th 2019 marks Ireland’s fifth National Workplace Wellbeing Day. The aim is to highlight the importance of physical and mental health and promote wellness in work.

As the landscape of workplaces continues to change, employers look for innovative ways to attract and retain talent, and ensure their workforce is motivated and engaged. Placing employee well-being as a priority is a great way to do that.

Rising stress and absences

Unfortunately, stress, employee burnout, and lack of employee dedication and motivation are just a few examples of the challenges faced by organisations today.

According to a recent report from the CIPD and Simplyhealth, 37% of UK businesses have seen an increase in stress-related absences over the last year. The top cause that respondents identified was heavy workloads, which can be attributed to poor management. Management style was indicated to be the second biggest factor or cause.

Managers play a vital role supporting staff with their health and wellbeing, but the research indicates that many managers aren’t receiving the training they need to spot and help manage unhealthy practices among their staff.

Learning how to foster resilience in leaders and employees has become more important than ever before. The findings that management style is a key cause of workplace stress highlight the need for businesses to invest properly in management training, as well as wider wellbeing initiatives.

Building Resilience

A new and exciting tool, the Hardiness Resilience Gauge™ (HRG), can be used to address these challenges and encourage the development of hardy employees, leaders, and organisations.

It tackles how flexible you are, how in control you are, and how passionate and committed you are!

It helps us to:

  • Understand what hardiness is and why it is important for building resilient employees and organisations
  • Learn strategies that leaders can use to encourage resilience in their teams
  • Focus on specific aspects of hardiness that can be targeted to develop resiliency and adaptability
  • Develop an organisational culture that supports employees

Becoming certified with the HRG is done online at your own pace, and we provide ongoing support as you use it, whether that be through coaching and developing individuals, or facilitating group training sessions.

To become certified, or to get more information about how this framework can help your organisation, contact us as, call +353 1 2788 727, or see more here.

Wishing you happiness and health in work, on Workplace Wellbeing Day and every day!